Tuesday, April 30, 2013

zeke's 5th birthday!!!!!!!

five years old......
he is our big boy, it still seems crazy how fast they grow, after his peter pan party here, this year
he wanted his party to be red, yellow and silver and for anyone who doesn't know
zeke LOVES cars!!!!!!
just like his dadda, we made cupcakes together the afternoon before {a highlight for me}
we had the usual fun games
. musical statues
. simon says
. egg and spoon race {but with golf balls}
. pass the parcel
. hide and seek
it was the first party where we did drop off the kids and pick up after
and i have to say it was a whole lot more relaxing and I'm hoping the kids had fun hehehe
a very wonderful friend kirstie made and org zeke's cake, so so grateful thanks kirstie..............
and would you believe all the decorations
. mini cupcake holder {red}
. little glass bottles
. lolly jars
. hanging decor
. bunting
. straws
. napkins
. popcorn box's
. lollies
. cupcake cases
. toys for prices
all came from the $2.00 shop, WIN, i do love parties for kids and adults
have a wonderful week smooch lisa


  1. Happy Bday Zeke! Love the party decor and the red theme. I got those same bunting flags for my Mums 60th last month ... took me hours to put it together!

    1. thanks michelle, i know the bunting did take awhile thank goodness i did it the day before the party xx

  2. Happy birthday Zeke!! Awesome party Lisa... loved the decorations and what an awesome cake. I'm in the middle of planning Grace's party and was only just thinking the other day how one day, it will be the drop off the kids type party :)


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