Monday, October 17, 2011

point + shoot : i can cross this off my wish list

woo hoo my christmas present has come early..........
we've been on the hunt for the past two months on ebay and had been outbid on a few, but of course i like a bargin, and what a bargin we has everything on it i wanted
- white wall tyres
- basket
- carrier on the back
- tyre guards
- white handles + seat
not picky at all huh!!!! hehehehe
i think we will be powder coating it green {not sure yet}
so what do you have on your wish list?????

i've had a wonderful weekend, with beautiful friends, nannie, markets, i feel totally blessed with the people in my life and feel like my tank is full.......

join in here for some more point + shoot lisa xx

+ a giveaway coming soon think "tea"


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! a retro bike is on my wishlist too! Although I don't think I'll be doing too much cycling over the next yr but maybe after that :)
    I'm so glad your 'tank' is full my dear. Hugs,

  2. What a gorgeous bike! I actually really like the colour but I can appreciate it might be a bit pink for some ;)
    Have a great week! X

  3. A great find. I love it and the colour! I can see you riding all over Melbourne. Mimi xx

  4. LOVE your bike! I would love a similar one myself, perhaps in an aqua colour. It's been a while since I last rode a bike though. I have a few little Etsy items on my wishlist at the moment. Glad to hear all is well over your way x

  5. style y! Now just for a pic of you riding it??

  6. Nice ride! Now you need some tulips in your basket. Sweet!


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