Friday, October 7, 2011

this makes me smile inside and out.........

this photo has been circulating through facebook, when i saw it, it totally made me smile inside
and outside, i don't think you could look at it and not feel something {i could be wrong}

when you see this photo what does it make you feel???????
have a great weekend lisa

image off facebook


  1. Oh yes, that's a great shot. I've not seen it before.
    Have a lovely weekend ;)

  2. Love it...Gave me a good chuckle ; ) just beautiful x

  3. Makes me laugh, what a great photo! Gx

  4. PS my kids are looking over my shoulder and said 'how funny, I want to keep looking at it'! Gx

  5. hehehe i just loved it the kids thought it was funny too xx


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