Monday, October 10, 2011

point + shoot : our weekend

what a weekend, fun fun fun we had some friends come for dinner on friday which was lovely and for starters we did mango salsa with prawns {cooked in butter, garlic, salt + pepper} topped with some coriander, they were yummy + we had cream cheese, smoked salmon and cappers on small toast/crackers......enjoyed with a wine
and they bought dessert, their son jesse made it.....
and it was devine gluten free baked cheesecake with blueberry sauce {a nigella lawson} reciepe
my mouth is watering again.......
+ we did some opp shops
   watched a dvd
   did flemington markets
   some aldi shopping
   read my book
   had fun with zeke
   recycle centre
   drove to rye/rosebud
and i was so excited to sell two of my twiceBAKED cushions at the markets yesterday

hope you all had a wonderful weekend, did you relax or was it a busy one?????
lisa xx

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.
    We had a full house so our weekend was very hectic, with more kids then adults it was also very loud. x

  2. Yum, now I am hungry! Looks like a fabulous weekend. ;-)

  3. Wow what a lovely weekend. Your starters look delicious! Mimi xx

  4. mmmm berry baked cheesecake, my favourite!


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