Monday, October 3, 2011

a few things you'll find at twiceBAKED

so my post i did a few weeks ago {new business venture : twiceBAKED} was my first blog to start the ball rolling {so to speak} i've been collecting and making things to put up on my facebook page and introduce to here are a few things you'll find at twiceBAKED
 - cushions
 - chairs
 - cups + saucers
 - jugs + glasses
 - vase's
 - frames
 - shelves
 - lamps's
 - mag racks
 - bedside tables
 - buffet's
 + some ledamae artwork
and the list i'm sure over time will go on
here's a sneek at some things below + you can find them here

and the photos could go on and on, i have been told by hubbs i'm not aloud to buy anymore as we are running out of room fast we have two buffets to do up which i should get started soon....

i do find this venture difficult in the sense i want to keep everything for myself.... {the last image of the chair} i have done just that {kept it for myself} ssshhhhhh don't tell anyone hehehe

thanks to those who now follow twiceBAKED on facebook i love how this is such a supportive little community hope you've liked the images above and will keep updates about the goings on of twiceBAKED

i still haven't sorted out a website as yet {my hands are full, but will get there} hope you've all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed your start to the week

big smooch lisa xx

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