Monday, November 14, 2011

and the winner is!!!!!!!! + another buffet

and the winner is ingrid........HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!
i love winning things {not that it happens often} so ingrid if you could please send me an email
with your address that would be

my little helper zeke was very cute, i had to take the paper off him, he wanted to keep it {i picked it out like you said mum, so it's mine} hehehe, at least thats what i'm sure was going through his head....

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend, i had the twilight markets at flemington which were fun and i've been busy getting some things ready for my new stall at ' the vintage shed ' my new stall number is is another buffet we {hubbs} has done
i loved the look and colour of it so much we decided just to colour the inside, the inside was cream {not nice} so greg painted it black for me........
i am a little tempted to keep it {and put it where??????}

well i've rambled enough enjoy the rest of your day
lisa xx


  1. Lucky Ingrid!
    Boy that buffet looks good Lisa. I'd have trouble selling it :)

  2. Congrats to Ingrid and wow, that is a cool buffet, I've never seen one like that - very cool!

  3. Sweet Cheesus! Loving & coveting that Doiley bowl Lisa. Congratulations Ingrid, what a fabulous win. Excellent job on the buffet too.

  4. Love the Buffet and congratulations Ingrid. Mimi xx

  5. yay - so excited to have won!! thank you x


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