Wednesday, November 9, 2011

madeit find : + clutch's

i'm a wee bit excited about my madeit find this week {who doesn't love a clutch????} this gorgeous mustard crochet clutch - in love - from "the hotch potch shop" check it out

+ some more beautiful clutch's

+ my favourite pic for today

now how was that line up......saweet!!!!!!
do you have a clutch???? i have a a good clutch
also loving all the coloured nail polish
have a happy wednesday people smooch lisa xx

if you haven't heard it here we are having a giveaway - join in HERE if you like

images via here


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Me too, love a good clutch, I have a few. Great photos!

    Mimi xx

  2. Nice clutches Lisa. I only own one. I may need to find myself some more. I love a giveaway so I will go and check it out! Have a lovely day xx

  3. I don't mind a clutch either and sell some in my onlline store. Pop over and have a peek. Love the ones you have found too. ;-)

  4. Thanks for the link to madeit! I always stumble across it then forget the link...

    I'll probably pass you at MarkIt at Fed Square!

  5. Hey Lisa!!! Thanks SO much for featuring my clutch - it is my total favorite thing to make!! Love your other super sweet finds - so many treasures! Can't wait for more awesome posts! Love, Vanessa xo

  6. Hi, Im Zoe. Just doing a little bit of blog hopping and found you through Bec's blog 'rambling mummy'..

    I love the first clutch! So cute!


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