Thursday, November 17, 2011

featured in real living + my diy twiceBAKED sign + T4

so so excited to see one of my ledamae blocks in the nov 2011 issue of my favourite magazine real living
my hand painted bird cage..........YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
it makes me feel happy inside seeing it there on the page {i know that sounds funny} but it does

+ here is my new diy sign for my twiceBAKED stall at 'the vintage shed'

what do you think??????????

+ T4
today i'm thankful for my little family, i feel blessed to have them in my life........
what are you thankful for today???????
i haven't done one of my T4's for a while and i truely think we often forget to be thankful for stuff
have a wonderful day
lisa xx


  1. Congrats Lisa, how fantastic! Love the sign too xx

  2. Congrats Lisa and yes the sign is great - I love the frame its in too. ;-)

  3. How thrilling to be featured in the mag! Mine hasnt arrived yet in the post but I look forward to checking it out :)
    Ps I think your signage is great x

  4. Congratulations Lisa - well done! Mimi xx


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