Monday, November 28, 2011

celebrated eleven years married.............

i really can't believe eleven years {25 nov 2000} has gone by already, it truely doesn't feel like that long..........
i love that we have grown together, and alot of that has been a hard slog but we've gotten through
things and they have made us stronger, with greg i feel like we can take on the world {together}
we are both so so different but our strengths help each others weakness's
eg greg is patient and i was never.......i've learn't and feel like some of that patience has rubbed off on me {not at all times} but mostly......
i hope the next 11 years will be great and i love doing life with this man......
hope you had a wonderful weekend
lisa xx


  1. Congratulations! Hope you get to do something special tonight x

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both, I hope you had a great day. xx

  3. Congratulations! Every year is that bit more precious when you get to share it with someone so special :)


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