Wednesday, March 23, 2011

madeit find : + buttons

my madeit find this cute is it {as cute as a button} from clares place it has adorable {of course} BUTTONS and has hand painted detail.....check it out, cute little gift

+ some more buttons
hope you like the collection of button pics
i wasn't going to include the last one but my cheeky side couldn't resist, very funny!!!!
have a wonderful wednesday see you next wednesday for my next madeit find
lisa xx

images via here


  1. What cute images. The second from last is my fave, but yes, the last one is a hoot!

  2. Great photos Lisa! I love the "Cute as a Button" canvas, I may have to file that one away and try to recreate it for the nursery! xx

  3. I am glad you like my canvas! Thanks for the post!


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