Thursday, March 24, 2011

thankful 4 : skype

this week i'm very thankful for skype.....
not sure about you but we have loads of family in different countries so its so nice to see faces
and the grandy's get to see little zeke too
do you use skype????? it does take a while to get used to it such a great idea......
what are you thankful 4?????

if you'd like to join in post what your thankful 4 and link to here
lisa xx

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  1. I've never used it but reckon it is a fab idea. If I had family overseas I'd definitely be into it!

  2. i am indebted to skype! every sunday me and my pals and mom (of course) get together to chit chat across the ocean! :)

  3. Me too, as I talk to friends and family in the UK all the time, I'd be lost without it!

  4. Skype is fantastic isn't it. We call Sth Africa on skype or when my sister was in EU. I love hooking it up with the screen and pulling funny faces :)


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