Monday, March 14, 2011

point + shoot : twilight at the zoo

what a whirlwind weekend and loving having the day off today with hubbs and bubbs

on saturday us three amigos went to the twilight zoo with our nibbles packed, we constantly told zeke on the way to the zoo that he was going to see the elephant {can you imagine the squeals of delight} and doing the trunk action......

we arrived and the que went forever but have to admit it was fun chatting and meeting others in the line {great opportunity me thinks}

at the gates they checked our bags to make sure we weren't taking any alcohol in and the guy said "oh this is the yummest bag i've seen so far", of course i felt {just a wee bit of pride} and he was right it was delish.....
hope your all having a wonderful day, if you would like to see some other point + shoot entires check it out here at fatmumslim
lisa xx


  1. This post made me start humming Simon & Garfunkels "At The Zoo"... you know the one

    "Something tells me it's all happening at the zoo....
    I do believe it! I do believe it's true....hmmmhmmmmm"

    x Felicity

  2. I love that family shot.

    Where are your sunglasses from? I love them! xx

  3. Great photos, the elephant is one of my favourites and generally one of the first animals we see when visiting the Zoo. It is great having a long weekend, isn't it. We hung around the house today but yesterday drove to Mornington and Mt Martha beach, where we got hit by the rain, lots of fun. Gx

  4. Gorgeous pics! You look so glamourous :) Sounds like a fabulous time xx


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