Thursday, March 17, 2011

thankful 4 : daylight savings

im so thankful and stoked we have daylight savings, i don't know about you but i seem to feel more alive i get so much more done and totally enjoy spending as much time outside as i can........
i know it's coming to an end next month but it will roll around again soon, what do you love about daylight savings and what are you thankful 4 this week?????
lisa xx

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if you'd like to join in and share what you've been thankful 4 click on the link below!!!!


  1. I love daylight savings, and agree you get so much more done at the end of the day. Watering the plants, mowing the lawns, hanging out the washing, taking it off, walking the dog... And then enjoying a glass of wine on the front verandah, watching the city lights of Adelaide come up, and stars come out. I'll acheive so much less when its finished, but still enjoy the glass of wine, just a little earlier!! Im thankful for my friends right now.

  2. hey rebecca, thanks for joining in and yay for friends {i'm with you i love my friends} and glass of wine on the verandah sounds fantastic whats your fav???? i'm a sav blanc girl or bubbles xx


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