Wednesday, March 30, 2011

madeit find : + tulle

my madeit find this week is this adorable tulle skirt.....from carteisha....i'd love it for me, i just love love love tulle and when i saw this image i couldn't go past it, check it out here

+ some more beautiful tulle
last but not least a bit of colour to brighten your day
have a fabulosa wednesday lisa xx
i'm off to the airport to pick up my sister moana i can't wait

ps i've been collecting a few different colours of tulle to make me a skirt!!!!!! keep you posted maybe this summer
images via here


  1. I rather fancy tulle as well, especially the softer fabric, as some can be quite scratchy. Beautiful images, so romantic!

  2. Beautiful images Lisa! So pretty! Loving those tulle pom poms xx

  3. tulle is just so pretty and girly! lovely!

  4. There is always something magic and mystical about tulle. Very pretty images too. Have fun with your sister, I hope to catch up with mine soon too. ;-)

  5. I LOVE tulle too!!! Gorgeous images, it's just so romantic and feminine isn't it! Have fun catching up with your sister!

  6. My daughter is sporting some tulle today, she does often!
    Those pom poms look divine. I've not seen tulle poms before! :)

  7. Brings out the girl in all of us - no matter what age!! Love to have a pair of those heels...
    Rebecca x

  8. Lovely to see you at Flemington last sunday Lisa. Truly, what girl doesn't love tulle. When too much tutu is never enough, have a look at for some 'little' inspiration. Have a lovely weekend.
    Kimberly xo


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