Wednesday, March 2, 2011

madeit find : + strawberries

how gorgeous is this set of 5 pancakes and 10 strawberries made out of felt and fiber fill..........what a great idea for imaginative play at home, in homecorner etc, so this is my madeit find this week by alphacrafts too adorable and tasty looking yum yum

and for some more strawberries
hope you all have a wonderful wednesday, me and zekky are off to the street market in mornington to buy some sunny ridge strawberries....
lisa xx

photos from here


  1. The pancakes are a little over-stuffed. otherwise very well done.

  2. I thought they were real when I first clicked! Enjoy your strawberries. ;-)

  3. Thanks for featuring me in your lovely blog.Have a great day and hope your strawberries bring you happiness today :)


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